Air Tahiti Nui Installs PlaneGard on All Aircraft


PlaneGard™ has announced that Air Tahiti Nui has equipped their fleet with PlaneGard PG250 Fire Containment Cases.


With daily flights from many locations to Papeete, Air Tahiti Nui planes now have the safest protection from Personal Electronic Device (PED) lithium ion battery fires during the long over ocean flights over the Pacific.


PlaneGard is designed to completely protect the passengers, crew and equipment from PED fires that result when the lithium ion batteries go into Thermal Runway. The risk of such fires is growing as passengers and crew carry more and more electronic devices onto planes. Several such fire incidents have occurred on major airlines in recent weeks. The Electronic Flight Bages (EFB's) that pilots use are already a known risk.




Toshiba issues big recall for laptop batteries over fire fears

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Panasonic ToughBooks Are So Tough They Can Smoke - Laptop Battery May Over Heat, Cause Smoke & Ignite!


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NTSB Calls for Stronger Lithium Battery Regulation Over Fire Risk

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PlaneGard proudly announces that it has appointed Avio-Diepen as its exclusive distributor for commercial airlines and cargo airlines for PlaneGard™ containment cases used to capture and contain burning lithium ion batteries in Personal Electronic Devices (PED’s).


Avio-Diepen’s core business is the timely delivery of aircraft parts, when and where their customers need them. As an efficient link between aircraft part manufacturers and the MRO, Airline and OEM market, they specialize in a variety of time saving/efficient supply chain solutions.


With over 65 years of experience in the aerospace market, Avio-Diepen means reliable service to customers in more than 100 countries. Avio-Diepen has stocking locations and customer service centers located in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Sao Paulo, Singapore and Sydney.

Avio-Diepen is a privately owned company and fully independent since 1995. They have been in business since 1946. They focus on helping customers to optimize time and efficiency, which in turn save costs. They are a specialized provider of supply chain management services. Combining a global network, experience and knowledge with their products and services, they add value to your business. The Corporate Head office is located in Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands.


The Americas regional main office is located in Atlanta, Georgia, the Asia Pacific regional main office is located in Hong-Kong, the EMEA and Russia regional office is located in Amsterdam.


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UN Panel Backs Banning Lithium-Ion Battery Shipments on Passenger Planes

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The Royal Aeronautical Society has issued an update on their landmark report entitled "Smoke, Fire and Fumes in Transport Aircraft (SAFITA)". This revised report focuses on the growing threat of Lithium Battery fires and points to technology (aka PlaneGard) that is available to safely capture and contain burning PED's. (see page 19-20 in the attached report)

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PlaneGard Offers Exchange Rebate on "Burn Bags"

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Highwater Innovations introduces PlaneGard 350 to safely contain Li-ion battery fires in even the largest laptop computers.

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